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New Year’s Babysitters Available

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On December 28, 2017
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Babysitters available New Years Eve? Yes, don't hesitate to call, someone will answer the phone, and the likelihood that a sitter is available is great! 888-609-8979.

New Year’s Eve 2018

Sunshine Babysitting is available for New Year’s and what will be shocking to know is the cost will not be what you think!  Our normal rates range from $16/hr to $18/hr for the first child and as always we only charge $1.00 per each additional child.  For New Years the rate increases by $4.00 (not double) so in Orlando, the rate for New Year’s Eve will be $20/hr for one child $1 each additional with a 4 hour minimum plus $10 travel (9pm and after start stime is $2 more per hour).  The weekend during that time is $2.00 more per hour.  See our rates online at

New Year’s Eve at Walt Disney World!

Walt Disney World for New Year’s Eve

According to Disney.go

There’s a party happening at Center Stage in Disney Hollywood Studios… and you’re invited! The evening begins with a DJ dance party starting at 7:00 PM, followed by a performance of Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM! at 9:00 PM.

Then, after a park-wide midnight countdown to the new year, stick around for a special presentation of Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular—all before celebrating the arrival of 2018 in style, as the DJ returns and rounds out the night of revelry ‘til 1:00 AM!

See What is Happening in Other Parts of Florida from the Tampa Tribune

Cheryl Matchett
President at Resort Childcare, Inc
Sunshine Babysitting is an option for vacationers to Orlando. Sunshine Babysitting ensures that important peace of mind in the knowledge that your children are looked after by trained babysitters, who have around the clock back up as and when the need arises. We understand the need to have someone you can trust to look after your children.

Call Cheryl at 407-421-6505 or reserve online:

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