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Most Affordable Resort Childcare

Resort Childcare
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Sunshine Babysitting

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On December 28, 2017
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Around the clock childcare at resorts, hotels and vacation accommodations!

High Quality Resort Childcare in Florida

Resort ChildcareSunshine Babysitting offers the best most affordable resort childcare.  Parents have access to a fully checked babysitters at any time of year within as little as 2 hours notice!

Sunshine Babysitting is fully licensed, bonded and insured for the State of Florida.  Unlike a referral service (a picture and a paragraph), our sitters are fully screened and state requirements met.

Sunshine Babysitting offers event childcare for the military, wedding planners, travel agencies and corporations.

Our quality babysitters are in high demand and book fast!

Often times, parents ask if tipping is customary, and the answer is YES and 20% is customary.

Extra Pair of Hands

We can accompany parents with small children to the parks. Rates include the cost of entry into the park for the sitter.

Sunshine Babysitting has a comprehensive register of sitters that offer guests access to a fully checked babysitter at ANY TIME OF YEAR within as little as 2 hours notice. Sunshine Babysitting provides in room, in park childcare and just recently we offer in park care at, $115.00 per day (for sitters entry into the park), plus the hourly rate. There are a limited number of sitters who have annual passes, so reserve early.

Sunshine Babysitting Reviews

Sunshine Babysitting has excellent reviews.  Resort childcare! Sunshine Babysitting on Yelp

Resort Childcare Includes

Resort childcare includes in hotel or resort room, amenities and shuttle travel to local area attractions.  We are not limited to 4 and 5 diamond hotels; we also provide care at all of the hotels surrounding Universal Studios, Sea World, Walt Disney World, and extend all the way to Clermont and Davenport; within a 45 mile radius (and beyond) of the entertainment capital of the world!

Call Cheryl any time, even holidays at 888-609-8979.  Rates flyers can be found on the company website:

Sunshine Babysitting, Inc.
P.O. BOX 1828, Orlando, FL 32802
p. (888) 609-8979 f. (888) 246-6027

License Numbers: Central Florida – 233855, South Florida – 233881 and 233878, North Florida – 233879, Central West Florida – 233882


Cheryl Matchett
President at Resort Childcare, Inc
Sunshine Babysitting is an option for vacationers to Orlando. Sunshine Babysitting ensures that important peace of mind in the knowledge that your children are looked after by trained babysitters, who have around the clock back up as and when the need arises. We understand the need to have someone you can trust to look after your children.

Call Cheryl at 407-421-6505 or reserve online:

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