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Work for Sunshine Babysitting®

$11.84 to $14.00 per hour

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On May 19, 2018
Last modified:September 21, 2018


Sunshine Babysitting® per-diem employment. Work for Sunshine Babysitting® and choose what hours you can work. Working families can work when available. Perfect for college students, part time and light duty workers.

Welcome Prospective Applicants who would like to work for Sunshine Babysitting®!

Work for Sunshine BabysittingWork for Sunshine Babysitting® Florida’s premiere sitting service!  Sunshine Babysitting® is a fully licensed, bonded and insured babysitting service for vacationers and local residents in Florida.

Not a referral service, Sunshine offer clients access to a fully checked babysitter at any time of year within as little as 2 hours notice!

Minimum Requirements:

-Prior Experience
-CPR/AED and First Aid Training (we offer classes)
-Background Check through a proprietary system

Apply on the Company Website

Flexible Work Schedule

Sunshine Babysitting® offers per diem and part time (on call) employment. You will have the freedom to accept or decline assignments offered to you if you have a flexible schedule. Very rewarding!

Per diem work may be a great option for you if you’re not ready to commit to a long-term, full-time job and if you generally have a flexible schedule that allows you to dictate your own hours on short notice. If you like the idea of working on an as-needed basis, which might be great if you’re looking to make some extra cash, this kind of employment might be a great fit for you. It’s probably not the best choice for you if you’re keen on finding a stable job that offers benefits, paid time off, and lots of room for growth.

Be a Theme Park Babysitter or Chaperone

Theme Park Care

Competitive Pay Scale | Win Win for Parents and Babysitters

Most Affordable Resort Childcare

Caregivers must be in good health, be dependable & responsible, love little children, be self-confident and mature. Have good manners and be knowledgeable about children and be adaptable and safety conscious.

You will be asked to provide references.

While Working for Sunshine Babysitting

• You will be supervising and caring for children in the absence of parents or regular caregiver.

• Be highly skilled in diaper-changing and bottle-feeding.

• Control the activities of children efficiently.

• Document success in handling emergency situations efficiently and act quickly and stay calm.

• You will be expected to be skilled in playing games and engaging children in educational activities.

• You will cook light meals for children as per employer’s instructions.

• Have profound patience and a good sense of humor and be playful.

• Know First Aid and CPR.

• Have excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

• Be  professional, honest and adaptable to the varying needs of children which includes being a great problem-solver.

• Be passionate to maintain the cleanliness of house and kitchen (but not be expected to provide house cleaning services).

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  1. Currently hiring in Tampa, Clearwater and St Pete as well as Key Largo and Miami Beach!

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