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Hotels With Childcare in Jacksonville

Hotels with Childcare
Childcare Services:

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On August 12, 2018
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Quality childcare at the last minute. Sunshine Babysitting® is fully licensed bonded and insured 24hr your premiere sitting service for resort childcare!

Hotels with ChildcareQuality last minute childcare in Jacksonville.

Looking for hotels with childcare in Jacksonville or Ponte Vedra Beach? CALL Sunshine Babysitting® a fully licensed bonded and insured childcare service for vacationers to Florida, call Cheryl at 904-206-1200.

Babysitting On Call 24hrs

Babysitters are on call 24 hrs at any time of year within as little as 2 hours notice 904-206-1200 for all resorts and hotels.

Sunshine Babysitting® offers fully checked babysitters all over the State of Florida including Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra and Fernandina Beaches and beyond!  Limited to Florida, since 2001.

Childcare at Hotels and Event Venues in Jacksonville

Sunshine Babysitting® has provided care to thousands of children and families at local area hotels in Jacksonville and has also provided childcare for the Military reintegration and deployment family retreats for all branches of the military.  Looking for hotels with childcare, you don’t have to, Sunshine Babysitting® offers childcare at the hotel or resort of your choice!

Background Checks

All sitters are fully vetted through the State of Florida (fingerprinting). The State of Florida background check is not sufficient, because according to the State of Florida there are many “qualifying offenses”. one of which includes Reckless Driving.  Some serious disqualifying offenses can be waived as well by the State of Florida.

I take background checks very seriously and have taken it a step further which includes e-Verify, by requiring all caregivers undergo a second proprietary background check through a very reputable background company that reveals every arrest that has ever been made of an individual.

Agency vs. Referral Service

There is a distinct difference between a childcare agency and childcare referral service.  An Agency bonds and insures the company and it’s caregivers whereas a referral service only bonds and insures the company itself and its owner(s).   Sunshine Babysitting® is a childcare agency.

Backup Care

Most Affordable Resort Childcare


Cheryl Matchett
Small Business Owner, Sunshine Babysitting®
Sunshine Babysitting is an option for vacationers to Orlando. Sunshine Babysitting ensures that important peace of mind in the knowledge that your children are looked after by trained babysitters, who have around the clock back up as and when the need arises. We understand the need to have someone you can trust to look after your children.

Call Cheryl at 407-421-6505 or reserve online:

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