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FEC Says That Candidates Can Use Campaign Funds For Childcare

FEC Candidate Childcare

The FEC ruled that federal candidates may use their campaign funds to help pay for childcare while spending time running for office. Campaign finance law does not allow expenditures to be personal i.e. groceries or mortgage/rent but since they are working to run for office, it is an allowable expense. FEC Record Campaign funds may be used to pay for…

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Childcare During Pumpkin Season

Pumpkin Season

Pumpkin Painting Projects Sunshine Babysitting® offers resort childcare and oversees beautiful child created pieces of art —for lasting memories—kids participate in craft projects for the holiday season. Event childcare for parents attending conferences, trade shows and adult only wedding events… … your premiere sitting service. Fully checked babysitters at any time of year. Resort Childcare Hotel, Resort and vacation accomodations for one…

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