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Childcare During Pumpkin Season

Pumpkin Season
Child and Dependent Care:
Cheryl Matchett

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On October 22, 2018
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Sunshine Babysitting® is Florida's premiere sitting service with 24hr around the clock backup.

Pumpkin Painting Projects

Pumpkin Season ChildcareSunshine Babysitting® offers resort childcare and oversees beautiful child created pieces of art —for lasting memories—kids participate in craft projects for the holiday season. Event childcare for parents attending conferences, trade shows and adult only wedding events…

… your premiere sitting service.

Fully checked babysitters at any time of year.

Resort Childcare

Hotel, Resort and vacation accomodations for one to one childcare for individual or multiple families.
Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Childcare
Resort Childcare on to one in room childcare at all local area resorts in Florida
Try Sunshine Babysitting®, fully licensed bonded and insured for all resorts, homes and vacation accommodations throughout the entire state of Florida.

Theme Park Care

Imagine knowing you have help with small children while attending local attractions.  Sunshine Babysitting® offers fully checked caregivers for theme park attraction care. Everything that Sunshine Babysitting® can do is available to you quickly and affordability. No need to pay big bucks for a tour guide, many of our sitters know the parks inside and out. . Give us a try, you can’t go wrong.  Here’s a short list of how you can benefit from Sunshine Babysitting®:
  • One to One Child and Dependent Care
  • Theme Park Care (all local area amusement parks)
  • Event Childcare
  • Chaperones
  • Support Staff
  • And the List goes on

Backup Care

A huge benefit Sunshine Babysitting® offers is backup care:
Backup Care is for employees who do not want to miss days from work due to unforeseen circumstances. Call Sunshine Babysitting® toll free at 888-609-8979. Sunshine Babysitting is a child care organization that offers one to one child and dependent care.
Childcare backup careBackup Care is for employees who do not want to miss days from work due to unforeseen circumstances. There are many situations that come up such as (1) baby cannot go to daycare; (2) current nanny or caregiver is unavailable or (3) new to the area family needs interim care until they find established child / dependent care. Ask your employer if they offer a reimbursement! There are many types of benefits in place #1 employer sponsored, i.e. families are provided care directly by benefits administrator #2 Full reimbursement for up to a certain dollar amount for care from approved care provider or #3 Reimbursement over a minimum hourly rate. i.e. parents pay between $5.00 and $8.00 per hour after reimbursement by their employer. Many families are unaware that their employer offers a reimbursement as part of their employee benefits package as parents sometimes struggle to find a family member or friend to care for their loved ones often times at the last minute. Large companies who currently do not offer reimbursements can lose up to $4.4 billion annually in lost productivity.
Childcare Disney
Parks Orlando Earth Fun Garden Flowers Florida
Childcare day or night
Disney Babysitters Childcare
Slinky Dog Dash Ride Childcare
In Room Childcare
Cheryl Matchett
President at Resort Childcare, Inc
Sunshine Babysitting is an option for vacationers to Orlando. Sunshine Babysitting ensures that important peace of mind in the knowledge that your children are looked after by trained babysitters, who have around the clock back up as and when the need arises. We understand the need to have someone you can trust to look after your children. Call Cheryl at 407-421-6505 or reserve online:

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