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Sunshine Babysitting® is All About Kids

Sunshine Babysitting® is All About Kids

Sunshine Babysitting® has acquired many babysitters from at least two long standing babysitting services, All About Kids and Fairy Godmothers; two companies who have been providing care since the early 1980’s.

When All About Kids closed, it was a sad say for so many families and babysitters, many of whom have been with this company for more than a decade.  Slowly but surly one by one Sunshine Babysitting has had the honor to have so many quality sitters who are fully credentialed.

It is believed that Fairy Godmothers, another long standing Disney focused child care, babysitting service is no longer in business, but not to worry, Sunshine to the rescue!

Sunshine Babysitting® arrived in late 2001 and has provided care to families since day one!  We have All About Kids babysitters and Fairy Godmothers babysitters!  All, just like Sunshine babysitters are fully background checked every 3 years or less. We don’t take anything for granted!

In Room Child Care at all Resorts in Central Florida

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Cheryl Matchett
Small Business Owner, Sunshine Babysitting®
Sunshine Babysitting is an option for vacationers to Orlando. Sunshine Babysitting ensures that important peace of mind in the knowledge that your children are looked after by trained babysitters, who have around the clock back up as and when the need arises. We understand the need to have someone you can trust to look after your children.

Call Cheryl at 407-421-6505 or reserve online:

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