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Tour Guides or Babysitters?


Tour Guides for Local area Theme Parks and Beyond

One of the benefits of hiring an in park care babysitter is the vast knowledge that most have of the parks!  You might call them tour guides instead of babysitters.

Our babysitters possess the qualities needed to make an excellent tour guide!

For instance, they have an excellent general knowledge of all of the local area theme parks. They are physically fit for long days and managing children of all ages. Most importantly, they have excellent communication and people skills.  The most organized, responsible, honest people.  They are reliable and have an aptitude for problem solving.

Sunshine Babysitting® can provide a babysitter or chaperone for your family at all of the local area theme parks.  The hourly cost of $16/hr for one child, $1 each additional would also include the cost for entry into the park.  Some sitters have resident annual passes, and charge  a one time $115 per day entry (which helps to offset the cost of the annual pass and is less than the full price in some cases making it a win/win situation).

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