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Your Local Babysitting Service

Sunshine Babysitting is your local babysitting service.  Call NOW for a fully checked babysitter at any time of year within as little as 2 hours notice 888-609-8979 ask for Cheryl!


Sunshine Babysitting is an award-winning local babysitting service and favorite among local families. We are a brick-and-mortar agency that vetts thoroughly every local babysitter using the most rigorous screening processes in the industry.

Our clients enjoy 24/7 emergency back-up care 365 days a year, even at a moment’s notice.

As-Needed and On-Demand

Our clients enjoy the flexibility of booking sitter as needed without any special requirements. We work around-the-clock to provide emergency on demand care.

Our experienced babysitters entertain children,more importantly, they ensure that children are safe.  Parents can rest assured that their children well taken care of and having fun.

Screening Process

Our local babysitters are pre-screened and background checked.

Parents do not have to stress, because they know they have a professional sitter who is properly vetted through a well established childcare agency.

Our team of Orlando local babysitters are fully vetted and trained with impeccable credentials.  Some have decades of experience and an unending love for children of all ages.  Sunshine Babysitting local babysitters can accompany families to all the parks.  The cost is very affordable and is  based on the hourly charge plus entry into the park.

For a  fully checked babysitter at ANY TIME OF YEAR within as little as 2 hours’ notice call Cheryl at 407-421-6505.

We have resort childcare  all over the State of Florida!

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